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The Most Beautiful Streets in Miami

Guys, we know living in paradise can be tough sometimes. But when you’ve had it up to here with torrential rainstorms and a random influx of tourists, take a second to gaze at the tree-lined streets, breathtaking views and hidden private paths this beautiful city has to offer. Here are the six most gorgeous streets in Miami.


Stretching across the clear blue waters of Biscayne Bay, the Rickenbacker connects the mainland with Key Biscayne. Peep a 360-degree view of Miami, including South Beach, Brickell and Virginia Key. Once you’re on the other side, you’ll find yourself in an enclave of exclusive communities with killer ocean views, along with some of the most beautiful public parks.


Lined with lush greenery, the road takes you through Coral Gables by way of large tree tunnels. It’s a perfect backdrop for out-of-towner snaps—and maybe a selfie or two.


We can complain about how it’s forever buzzing with drunken tourists, but it’s a small price to pay for the pastel-colored Art Deco buildings, palm trees and ocean view. And at sunset, we’re speechless.


If a majestic tree-lined street isn’t enough for you, take a look to your left, then to your right—the mega-mansions will blow you away. Getting an invite inside, that’s another story.


There’s so much to see within Miami’s outdoor arts district, which runs from 36th Street to 20th Street between I-95 and NE First Avenue. It’s all eye-catching in its own way, begging for you to take a few selfies as you walk. Can you really say you’ve been without at least one artsy Instagram upload?


Wynwood, it looks like you have some competition. In one of the largest Cuban neighborhoods outside of the island nation, you can nibble on a Cubano and a guava pastelito as you roam through some of the most colorful streets in town.