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Spectacular Topiary Designs

Pearl Fryar creates graceful archways, whimsical characters, gigantic abstract shapes, and hedges carved into intricate designs.

Pearl’s Garden

For a guy who just wanted to win Yard of the Month, Pearl Fryar has come a long, long way. Nearly 30 years later, he’s an accomplished topiary artist whose 3-acre garden in Bishopville, South Carolina, is a pruned and snipped fantasy of shapes. He started it in the early 80s, coaxing shapes from masses of green—and, thank goodness, he never stopped the tireless pruning and the pampering. You’re welcome to stroll his grounds, taking your time to see about 124 separate works there. You can also see a number of spots enhanced by his creative touch around the state.

Whimsical Arch

Pearl’s designs make visitors feel as if they are visiting a mystical land. He uses canvases of balsam and Fraser firs, Leyland Cypress, and holly, among other plants, to create each piece with a personality of its own.

Stone Accents

A fanciful-shaped arch frames a statue in Pearl’s garden. Elsewhere in the garden, he fashioned the funky sculptures set around the yard from salvaged appliance parts, old flowerpots, and scrap metal from the factory where he used to work.

Fanciful Shapes

Pearl has rightly been called an “evergreen surrealist.” He fashioned these hedges in his garden into circular and triangular-type shapes.

Museum Front

It’s hard not to notice Pearl’s sculptures at the South Carolina State Museum. Standing like sentries on either side of a wide staircase, 20-foot-tall works sculpted from Leyland cypress feature stacks of circles, split rectangles, and egg-shaped orbs. Around them, ball-like shrubs sport portholes; mushroom shapes, squares, and globes emerge from flat planes of the lush greenery.