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Photography Inspiration Ideas That Will Make You Love Photography

Have you lost your zest for photography? Feeling you’re in a rut, with no inspiration to get out and shoot? It’s a challenge every photographer has faced at some point in their lives.

So, what’s the solution? Leave your camera in its bag and hope that inspiration will randomly strike at some point? Not a chance! I’ve been shooting and blogging new photos every single day for almost ten years now, so I’ve been through many patches like this. My answer – keep shooting and your motivation and inspiration will soon return.

Here are some of the things I do to keep my photographic motivation and inspiration alive along the way.

1. Always Carry a Camera

This one’s a no-brainer if you’re going to find your photographic mojo! How are you going to take great photos if you don’t have a camera with you?

It’s so easy these days, as virtually everyone has a camera built into their mobile phone. My choice though is to always carry my mirrorless camera with at least a small prime lens attached. It’s compact and lightweight and capable of much greater image quality than any camera phone.

2. Visit Somewhere New for Photography Inspiration

If I want to refresh my photography inspiration, one of the simplest ways is to visit somewhere new with my camera, to give me fresh scenes to photograph. This doesn’t have to be a major expedition to somewhere exotic, like Antarctica. It could be as simple as going to a nearby village you’ve never visited before, or exploring an unfamiliar area of the local park. Of course, if you have the budget to travel to Antarctica, go for it!

3. Shoot an Unfamiliar Subject

What’s your favorite genre of photography? Perhaps wildlife, or landscapes? Why not refresh your inspiration by photographing something different? It’ll make you think about how you take your photos and may make you think in a different way about your regular subjects

4. Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Of course, if you really want to stretch yourself, why not pick a subject that wild horses couldn’t persuade you to shoot under normal circumstances?! Personally, portrait photography is completely out of my comfort zone. But on the occasions I’ve tried it and had good results, it’s given my confidence and motivation a huge boost.

5. Shoot for a Theme

If you feel your photographic habits lack focus why not set yourself a theme to shoot for? It could be something as simple as going for a Photowalk and shooting subjects of a particular shape or color. There’s a new photography challenge over in the Photoblog Forum every week. Why not take part? It could be just what you need to refresh your photography inspiration!

Alternatively, you might choose an ongoing theme that will sustain you over several weeks or months. You could commit to publishing at least one photo a week for a year, or perhaps pick a subject you can document over time. I’ve been working on a project to photograph the churches in the City of London over the last three years – you can take a look at my progress so far here.