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Ford Dealership Builds F-150 Lightning That FoMoCo Won’t

L eave it to a dealership in NASCAR country to revive the F-150 Lightning nameplate before the Blue Oval. It’s been more than a decade since Ford produced the F-150 Lightning, a truck powered by a Mustang-sourced V-8 and equipped with side-exit exhaust. Yet, there are enthusiasts that still yearn for a go-fast truck that isn’t labeled Raptor. Enter, Pioneer Ford in Bremen, Georgia.

Using the same formula as the original F-150 Lightning, Pioneer Ford begins with a regular cab, short bed F-150. The dealership then removes the stock engine and replaces it with a Coyote V-8 supplemented by a Roush supercharger, which generates over 650 horsepower in the nouveau-Lightning.

The supercharged Coyote is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission, likely from the Mustang its heart was obtained from, and only powers the rear wheels—again like the original Lightning and perfect for the massive smoky burnouts and general hooliganism that the original was known for.

Pioneer Ford additionally gave the next-generation Lightning a set of custom 22-inch wheels inspired by the previous generation, side exit exhaust, original Lightning badges including an original SVT badge on the rear tailgate, and a new suspension setup that allows the F-150 Lightning sit properly low and menacing.

Unfortunately, you won’t find any of the F-150 Lightning’s original styling as the Lightning package only includes the performance parts and new rims; and yes, we did say package.

“We built a red one first and it didn’t make it a week and never reached the web. This is our second one, and we add a little more each time!” said Pioneer Ford via Facebook.

“Next will be a 2018 and we will up the game with the proper gray micro suede and leather interior!”

For those feeling nostalgic, or for those customers wishing to blow Camaros and Mustangs out of the water at the lights, this particular new F-150 Lightning starts at a fairly reasonable $49,661, or just a few ticks lower than the less powerful and brand new GT350 Mustang.

And with that, you get a factory backed warranty as all the parts are from Ford Performance and Roush; 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on the supercharger alone to be exact.

You can head over to Pioneer Ford’s website or into the dealership and spec your perfect new-Lightning out yourself. And Raptor, you’re on notice.