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Rhododendrons Are Just Hard in the South

Big-flowered rhododendrons rank among the world’s most beautiful shrubs. Huge trusses of blossoms in a wide range of colors stand atop large, leathery leaves in spring and summer. Gardeners in northern California, the Pacific Northwest, and the Northeast can grow them as easy as mildew in a shower. But here in the South, you can’t take them for granted. You can ...

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These 5 Grocery Store Flowers Will Last You the Longest

From the best angle to trim stems to the optimum water temperature for perkiness, we’ve done our research when it comes to keeping cut flowers alive. But the question remains: Which blooms actually give you the best bang for your buck? Next time you treat yourself to a bouquet at checkout, we highly suggest grabbing one of these five beautiful and hardy varieties—all of ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Growing a Citrus Tree in Your House (For Real)

Container gardens are the premier garden trend of 2017, folks. And this spring, all the chicest ladies are taking cues from Versailles’ Orangerie and decorating interiors with potted citrus.Fortunately, you don’t need a royal gardening staff to keep these beauties happy, either. With a bit of care and planning, us mere plebeians can incorporate this fragrant trend into our homes, too. Below, a beginner’s guide. ...

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2017 Trends In Garden Design

Dubbed the slowest of the performing arts, gardening can seem trend proof. After all, you can’t hurry an oak’s progress from acorn to shade tree, and making a garden isn’t like buying a new throw rug for your home but rather stitching a few glimmering threads of your own into nature’s rich tapestry. And yet tastes do change in gardening, ...

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5 Gorgeous Garden Trends to Try This Spring

Want to make your garden stand out this summer? Get your green thumb in gear with these hot gardening trends. 1. VINTAGE GARDENS Think pastels and peonies are just for granny’s garden? Think again! Formerly “granny” colors including blush pink (a Pantone color for 2016) and other pale tones are very in at the moment, as are old-school plants and ...

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