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Warm chocolate cakes with clementine sweet cheese

If you have time, make the mixture for the chocolate cakes the day before so that the mixture has time to rest in the fridge. Any excess clementine sweet cheese can be stored in the fridge for a few days to serve with other desserts or with fruit. Equipment and preparation: You will need 8 x 6cm/2½in square molds or ...

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Funnel cakes with poached pears recipe

Funnel cakes are an American funfair staple – a bit like churros or doughnuts, the batter is piped directly into hot oil in swirls. Serve poached pears and sweetened cream for an elegant dessert, or eat them simply dusted in cinnamon sugar. Ingredients For the pears 2 small pears, peeled500ml/18fl oz 100g/3½ oz caster sugar1 cinnamon stick5 cardamom pods, lightly crushed1-star anise2 thin slices of fresh root ginger ...

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Confit tomato and aubergine tarte tatin recipe

I find that I’m increasing the number of vegetable-based dishes in my books more and more. This is mainly because people keep asking me for them, but I also think that most of us eat too much meat and dishes like this are simply superb in their own right. Ingredients For the confit aubergines 300g/10½oz aubergines, sliced1½ tsp salt150ml/5fl oz olive oil3 small garlic cloves, ...

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Tarte tatin recipe

Tarte Tatin is one of Blanc’s favorites. Combining the pleasures of dark caramel, crisp pastry, and the sweet acidity of apples, it deserves to be served with the very best crème fraîche or vanilla ice cream. Ingredients 2kg/4½lbs dessert apples, about 12, peeled3 tbsp water100g/3½oz caster sugar60g/2½oz cold unsalted butter, diced30g/1oz unsalted butter, melted, to add richness300g/11oz all-butter puff pastry, rolled to a thickness of ...

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Paris-Brest recipe

This choux pastry creation is a classic French dish filled with chocolate and vanilla cream and served with lashings of chocolate sauce. A great sharing dessert for romantic dinners. For this recipe, you will need a piping bag – either three disposable bags or a traditional piping bag with a large plain and a medium/large star nozzle. Ingredients For the ...

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